Friday, February 20, 2015

Scraproom "Out with the Dust,in with the Dusty Attic"

Hello,today I am here to share with you,my last home improvement project I did,my Scrap room. I thought I was done, after I completed the kitchen, but kept on looking at this room,the last room in the house, that needed to be painted & updated. I was not going to challenge it at first, because I knew, this would require some time. In the end, I decided it had to be done, before I put all my painting supplies away,as it would not get done, & I would always look at it & say "I should have done this room". I got rid of lots of dust,purged some supplies,donated to a scrap club @ a local school,then brought in the DUSTY ATTIC!!! I am so happy that I took on the challenge!!!!
This room,is just off my front door entrance,was a never used living room,dining room,with plush carpets "the 80's". We are a casual family,so really prefer to sit around our kitchen table. It became a huge walk in closet,the boys dumped their hockey equipment,or what ever was in their arms as they walked into the house. I made this room, into my Scrap space, 2004. Over the last couple years,it has really be neglected. I moved my mother in, to care for her, then was away for most of the winter last year,as my middle son,was in critical condition,due to a snow mobile accident. So to say it was DUSTY,is a understatement!!!  
This is a before photo. On of the biggest challenges of this room, was to redo the 60 plus boxes in the room. There are 60 cardboard boxes, that need 2 be repainted & refaced,the plus comes in, as I had to do the back side of the boxes,that are on the middle shelf in the room,as it is open. 
There are 3 sets of shelves, this is the first set as you walk into the room. I decided to reface the boxes ,by using some texture,& the colors that are in the room. For my texture,I decided to do some stencil work & use DA Chipboard. The first step I did was the stencil work,using,TCW stencil, Art is. I then did my first coat of paint, I used the trim & door paint for the sides,back & the tops of the boxes. The color used, is the same as the trim color in the room. On the front of the boxes I used chalk paint. Once the paint dried, I glued on the DA chipboard, on to the fronts of the boxes. I then applied my 2nd coat of  paint, over the chipboard,& the rest of the box. Now, I only had to work with the fronts of the boxes. They got a 3rd coat of paint. This took time as I only had room to do 8 boxes at a time.
A before photo,of what the boxes used to look like,I still can't believe I used that blue!!!

The middle,& back shelves....
The boxes hold supplies & photos....
Back shelf....
Here are some closeups of some of the boxes in the room....
I love how they turned out, all boxes differ,because of the chipboard used, but in a subtle way.
& yes they are not perfect,but it is only me that will see that, the full view is what every one else will see....
For the final touches, I swiped on some of the wall color paint,& TH distressed brushed pewter. The labels are painted with the wall color. Once that dried I applied 2 coats of hard coat, that I bought with the chalk paint. The chipboard is there to stay, with the glue,paint & hard coat, it is well sealed, & will be easy to wipe down.... On this box I used:
Garden Fairy 2   small
Garden Fairy (DA0277)
Scroll Border #1
Scroll Border #1 (DA0219)


Lacey Corners
Lacey Corners (DA0847)
Seahorse #1
Seahorse#1 (DA0047)

Swirly Christmas Tree
Swirly Christmas Tree (DA0636)

Heart Flourish
Heart Flourish (DA0667)

Bird of Paradise 2pk
Bird of Paridise 2 PK (DA0008)
Peacock Feather
Peacock Feather(DA0568)

Corner Flourish #3
corner flourish #1 (DA0628)

Reeds #2
Seagulls (DA1042)

Leafy Scroll
Leafy Scroll (DA0764)

Corner Flourish #3
Corner Flourish #3 (DA0623)

Grass Cluster #1
Grass Cluster # 1 (DA0660) 
The Dusty Attic used on most of the boxes...
ATC Frame #1
ATC Frame #1 (DA0673) 
ATC Frame #2
ATC frame #2(DA0674)
ATC Frame #3
ATC Frame #3(DA0675)
Flutterbies  3pk
Flutterbies 3pk (DA0389)
Flutterbies #3
Flutterbies #3 (DA0766)
Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies (DA0819)
mini ABC set upper
mini ABC set upper (DA0861)
mini ABC set lower
mini ABC set lower(DA0862)
I only listed the Dusty Attic that I used on the close ups of the boxes, but there is much more used.

Now that I have used up so much of my Dusty Attic, I get to play with some of the new releases...
I just love them all,you can find them here,

I am so happy I took on my Scrap space, it looks so much more sophisticated now, well worth the challenge...& now that I have completed the Scraproom,thinking it was my last big project for this winter,I have decided to do all new LO's for my kitchen wall,using the colors of my kitchen.Thank you so much for taking the time to look ..Rachelle 


  1. This would be my dream scrap room. These is totally amazing! You really did give this room a sophisticated look. I love Dusty Attic chipboard. I have brought a lot of it but have hoarded a lot of it too. lol I have my supplies in clear tubs but I have never really liked the way they looked. Thank you so much for the inspiration to do something different with my own room. I'm looking forward to seeing your new layouts you create for the kitchen when you are done with it. xxxx Laurie Moore

  2. OMG !!!! Rachelle, so much to look at and so much work /creativity ... but so worth it !!!! wow wow wow !! just spectacular . you are so inspiring , amazing and beautiful ... love you x

  3. OMG !!!! Rachelle, so much to look at and so much work /creativity ... but so worth it !!!! wow wow wow !! just spectacular . you are so inspiring , amazing and beautiful ... love you x

  4. I adore totally adore this room.... Can we purchase those boxes?

  5. Great idea. Can;t imagine how much time this took but looks stunning!!!!