Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live Today ***49 and Market****

Hello, Rachelle here with my 2nd project for 49 and Market, http://www.49andmarket.com/all-smiles/,  using the Beautiful Vintage Artistry Collection, Gabi's Butterflies are Free Stamp Set  Rustic Flower Collections & Burlap.

All of the products used, including the photo's, are Janene Jaeger Meyerowitz  Baby's & are all so very Beautiful!!! I have listed the products used, then have some close ups....
From 49 and Market I used:
Botanical Press VA 4499
Botanical Press:  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/botanical-press/
Vintage Artistry Ephemera Cut Out Sheet VA 4574
Vintage Artistry Cut Out Sheet:  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/vintage-artistry-ephemera-cut-out-sheet/
Floral Fauna Cut Out VA 4567
Vintage Artistry Flora and Fauna Cut out sheet:  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/vintage-artistry-flora-and-fauna-cut-out-sheet/
Gabi Butterflies are free Stamp Set GP4611

Gabi's Butterflies are Free Stamp Set: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/gabis-butteflies-are-free-stamp-set/
Rustic Barn Medium Blooms RB 84321
Rustic Barn Medium Blooms 6pcs: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/rustic-barn-large-blooms-4pcs/
Rustic Barn Small Blooms RB 84338
Rustic Barn Small Blooms 12pcs: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/rustic-barn-small-blooms-12pcs/
Rustic Melon Mini Daisy Blooms RB 84291
Rustic Melon Mini Daisy Blooms 40 pcs: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/rustic-melon-mini-daisy-blooms-40-pcs/
Burlap Net Ribbon Roll 4" X 1m RB 84390
Burlap Net Ribbon Roll: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/burlap-net-ribbon-roll-4-x-1m/
Burlap Ribbon - Natural 4" X 1m RB 84383
Burlap Ribbon- Natural: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/burlap-ribbon-natural-4-x-1m/

The Scrapbook Diaries retails 49 and Market products: http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/product-tag/49-and-market/

Also from The Scrapbook Diaries I used:
PRILLS Guilt Trip

The Dusty Attic used: http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/product-tag/dusty-attic/
mini Chains  10pk
mini chains
String Frames small
string frames
mini Chicken Wire
mini chicken wire
Decorative Frame #1
Decorative Frame #1
mini Vine  20pk
Mini Vine
Cherish Yesterday...
Cherish Yesterday

I used Botanical Press as the back ground, I cut it, did some punch work & hand stitching. I used in the flower cluster, a Rustic Barn Medium Bloom, Flowers that I cut out from the Flora and Fauna Cut Out Sheet, Dusty Attic Ferns & Poppies & silk ribbon....

Shows a closer view of the Rustic Flower & the Prills that I used on the Poppy buds...

I Matted the photo, then hand stitched it, I then glued it on to the frayed burlap. Norah (Janene's Daughter) was holding a pumpkin, so I decided to make it look like she was holding a bouquet of flowers, using the Rustic Melon Mini Daisy Blooms & a Butterfly from the Flora and Fauna Cut Out Sheet...

I frayed the Burlap from the Burlap Net Roll, wrapped it around both of  photo's & made burlap bows for the flower clusters. I used the Rustic Barn Small flowers for this cluster....

Shows a couple paper layers, using the Ephemera Cut Out Sheet...
This is another flower cluster using the Rustic Barn Small Blooms..
Under the Dusty Attic Chains is where I used Gabi's Butterflies are Free Stamp..
Here are a few more Close ups....

I really did enjoy working with all of 49 and Market Products, and this is only the starting point, so I am excited to see what other products Janene comes up with..Thank you so much for taking the time to look ....Rachelle

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beautiful You ***49 & Market**

Hello, Rachelle here with my first project working with 49 and Market's, Flower Fairies Spring Collection. I was excited about being asked to join the Design Team, but got even more excited once I received the 49 and Market products. I loved working with both the Flower Fairies of Spring & the Vintage Artistry Collections. I also enjoyed working with the stamps designed by Gabi's & the rustic flower collection is just beautiful. This is a LO I did using the Flower Fairies Collection.....

From 49 and Market I used:
FF With Love FFS 4444
With Love:   https://www.49andmarket.com/product/with-love/
FF Spring Cut Out Sheet FFS 4482
Spring Cut Out Sheet
Gabi Word Stamp Set GP 4659
Gabi's Word Stamp Set  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/gabis-word-stamp-set/
Rustic Barn Large Blooms RB 84314
Rustic Barn Large Blooms 4pcs  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/rustic-barn-large-blooms-4pcs/
Not only is 49 and Market product Beautiful, it is also a very high quality, a pleasure to work with.
From the Scrapbook Diaries I used:
Floral Loop Pick Ivory

The Dusty Attic used:  http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/product-tag/dusty-attic/
Decorative Frame #2
Decorative Frame #2
Decorative Frame #1
Decorative Frame #1
Swirly Frame
Swirly Frame
Skeleton Clock Faces
Skeleton Clock Faces
Branches and Berries
Branches & Berries
Word Pack #9
Word Pack #9
Berry Vine Opal
Berry Vine Opal    http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/shop/berry-vine-opal/
Natural Sprig Set
Natural Sprigs    http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/shop/natural-sprigs/
Cherish Punch Around the Page Set
Cherish Punch Around the Page Set   http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/shop/cherish-punch-around-the-page-set/
Here are some close ups....

I did not do as much paper layering, as I would normally do on this LO, as I did not want to loose any of the art work that was in the paper...
I cut out the lower left piece from the cutout sheet & stamped it using Gabi's word stamp set.
The Fairy shown, is also from the cut out sheet & the large bloom is from the Rustic Barn Collection...
To get the look of paper layers, with out taking away lots of the detail in paper, I cut the top of, did some punch work, hand stitching & inserted lace in these 2 layers..
This Collection, really is a work of Art, love all the detail in the Flower Fairies Collection..
A few more close ups....

Thank you so much for taking the time, & I hope you enjoyed seeing this Collection, as much as I did when I first saw it....Rachelle