Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kitchen Corner Wall of Family

Hello,today I am here to share with you, my latest home improvement project. I really did think I was done, after I did the Scraproom,but it took about 1 day, for me to take a look around my kitchen & decide there was to much going on,with all the different colors, through out my LO's against the wall. I had already received the Nyhan Collection from Maja Design,& discovered the grays in the Kings Square-BS,were the same grays, that I used through out the kitchen. So I decided to make all new LO's, for the kitchen, & as I am doing this, I am transferring these LO's to either the hallways or the family room,that also have shadow boxes,but the walls are a charcoal gray.
A before Photo of  a corner wall in the kitchen...
A after photo, with LO's using the colors in the kitchen....
King's square bs
King Square-BS
Veteran ships bs
Veteran Ships-BS
Sitting at the dock
Sitting on the Dock
I am using these 3 sheets, from the Nyhavn Collection,for this project. Because I mainly want the gray, as the background,I will not be doing, as much paper layering. I will get my texture through stencils & the DA chipboard.So this is all new to me. I will also be changing all my photos to black & white. My first step,for this project was to go online shopping. I ordered more Dusty Attic Chipboard, the Maja Design, Nyhavn Collection, (I ordered enough,for this project,plus future projects,as it is a limited edition). I also ordered some stamps,stencils,texture pastes & mists or H20,that would be in my color tones. Now I had to wait for my supplies to arrive, so my next step was to paint the chipboard I had on hand. I used my wall paint,for the red,plus I applied a coat of clear crackle varnish. I used distressed brushed pewter stain,paint & crackle on the rest of the chipboard. The chipboard was now ready for a final coat of H20's,or whatever I wanted to apply over the crackle. I also went through all of my flowers,that were to bright for the Maja Collections & dipped them into all the paint colors, that I used in the kitchen (I watered down the paint). Now I was organized & ready for my paper to arrive.....Here is my first project,a canvas using one of my favorite photo's of my boys......
The Dusty Attic used:
Image 1
Love this,Love That Arrows (DA1074)
String of Hearts Frame set
String of Hearts Frame set (DA1017)
Heart Arrows #2
Heart Arrows #2 (DA1026)
Love this, Love that Arrows
Love This,Love That Arrows (DA1074)
Filmstrips small
Film Strip Small (DA0935)
Number Grid Small
Number Grid Small (DA1071)
stencils used are Tim Holtz, I used Prima texture paste (Graphite)
Here are some close ups of detail.....
To deepen the color of Veterans Ship-BS,I painted on Tattered Angels Indian corn & rubbed in some pebbles chalk...I inked all the edges of the paper using a mixture of charcoal & grey mist,I used a brush to do this....
I used LuminArt' (Jasper Red)H20 over the crackle on the chipboard. The red was still a bit to bright,so I toned with wintermist gray H20,once the red had dried. I used this on all the chipboard in these LO's....
I also inked the edges of the chipboard using a ink pad...

Here is another canvas I did using photo's that were taken the same day as the photo above...
The Dusty Attic used:
String of Hearts Frame set
String of Hearts (DA1017)
Bar Codes 5pk
Bar Codes 5pk (DA0624)
Film Strip (DA0934)
Number Grid Small
Number Grid Small (DA1071)
Hashtag Sayings
Hashtag Sayings (DA1076)
The stencils are Tim Holtz & TCW,using Prima Texture Paste Graphite.. 

The LO is of my oldest son Sigurdur....Sigurdur is now 34 years old.

The Dusty Attic used:
Anchors (DA0558)
Chevrons (DA0992)
Compass Rose
Compass Rose (DA0686)
Film Strip (DA0934)
Filmstrips small
Film Strip Small (DA0935)
Fish Net Panel
Fish net panel (DA0654)
Page Pebbles #3
Page Pebbles #3 (DA1107)
View Finders
View Finder (DA1081)
Zippers (DA0816)
Bar Codes 5pk
Bar Codes 5pk (DA0624)

This LO is of my middle son Erlendur (DD),he is at home right now,so I asked him what he wanted on his LO,& he choose butterflies,he also likes to garden,so he got flowers on his.DD is now 29 years old.
The Dusty Attic used:
Ferns (DA0507)
Spider  chrysanthemum
Spider Chrysanthemum (DA1043)
Flower Buds
Flower Buds (DA0849)
mini Butterfly
mini Butterfly (DA0364)
Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies (DA0819)
Rulers (DA1005)
Filmstrips small
Filmstrips (SmallDA0935)
mini Chicken Wire
mini Chicken Wire (DA0788)
The stencil used is from TCW 12x12 Butterfly Collage
I got these Black Butterfly Baubles from The Scrapbook Diaries...

The final LO,is of the Baby of the Family,who is now 26 years old....
The Dusty Attic used:
Arrows #3
Arrows #3 (DA1000)
Chevron Panel small
Chevron Panel small (DA1068)
Circle Mesh small
Circle Mesh small (DA0884)
Cogs 2
Cogs #2 (DA0002)
Number Border #1
Number Border #1 (DA1049)
Number Grid Small
Number Grid Small (DA1071)
Heart Arrows #1
Heart Arrows #1(DA1016)
Arrows #1
Arrows #1 (DA0994)
Love this, Love that Arrows
Love this,Love That Arrows (DA1074)
The stencil used is TCW 6x6 the story, I got my inspiration from the stencil, to choose the DA chipboard,that I used on this LO

Now that I got that corner done,you will have to bear with me, using these same colors for a while,as I still plan & have started on this wall......

Thank you so much for taking the time to look....Rachelle

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