Friday, February 27, 2015

Kitchen Wall #1

Hello,today I am here to share with you,the first LO's I did for this wall,& yes I have a few more left to go,,,,,
I am doing all new LO's for this wall, in the same colors as the kitchen.When I saw the grays in the King Square-BS,I decided to take on this project,as it had the same gray tones as I used in the kitchen. I will mainly be working with these sheets, of Maja Designs paper,s through out this project.
King's square bs
King Square-BS
Veteran ships bs
Veteran Ship-BS
Sitting at the dock
Sitting on the Dock

The Dusty Attic used:
Door #3
Door #3 (DA0690)
Fancy Letterbox #2
Fancy Letter Box #2 (DA0608)
Ivy Corners
Ivy Corners (DA1018)
 Vine Border
Vine Boarder (DA0459)
Ornate Corner #7
Ornate Corner #7 (DA0466)
Mini Words #1
Mini Words #1 (DA0386)
mini ABC set upper
mini ABC upper (DA0861)

The Dusty Attic used:
String of Hearts Frame set
String of Hearts Frame Set (DA1017)
mini Heart Border
mini Heart Boarder (DA1015)
Vine Border
Vine Border (DA0459)
Mini Words #1
mini words #1 (DA0386)

The Dusty Attic used:
VIne Corner #2
Vine Corner #2 (DA0897)
Live Beautifully...
Live Beautifully (DA1170
Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies (DA0819)
Birdcage #5
Birdcage #5 (DA0678)

Thank you so much for taking the time to look.....Rachelle

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  1. That is a very IMPRESSIVE wall, Rachelle! Can't wait to see the completed new look, although the old look is fabulous! Would you mind my asking what brand of frames you use? Or do you have them made up special?