Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Future is Bright & Sparkle and Shine ***49 and Market / Dusty Attic***

Hello, today I am here to share with you, a LO & a card, I made using 49 and Market's, Vintage Artistry Collection, Rustic Blooms, Garden Blooms, Garden Vines & Burlap Trim. I also used Dusty Attic Chipboard & Stencils. I also did step by step photo Tuts, on both projects....

The 49 and Market used:http://www.49andmarket.com/shop/
Tattered VA 4550 B
Garden Bloom Alabaster
Garden Blooms- Alabaster
Garden Vine Alabaster
Garden Vine-Alabaster
Rustic Canvas And Burlap Small Blooms RB 84352
Rustic Canvas and Burlap Small Blooms
Rustic Melon And Burlap Bloom Mix RB 84307
Rustic Melon and Burlap Bloom Mix 10 pc
Burlap Ribbon - Natural 4" X 1m RB 84383
Burlap Net Ribbon Roll
The Dusty Attic used:
Gem Drop Border
Gem Drop Boarder
Star Banner
Star Banner
mini Icicles
mini icicles
Branches  6pk
Branches 6pk
mini Woodland
"The Future is Bright"
The Future is Bright
Stars #3
Stars #3
Bubbles Stencil
Bubbles Stencil
Other elements used: clear gesso, white gesso, clear crackle paint,Dreamweaver translucent paste, LuminArt H20- iridescent gold & Heavenly White, Prima Snow Flake texture paste, Prima glass glitter-pearl, Prima say it in crystals, Prima Pearls, corrugated paper, lace, pinecones
Here are some close ups....

I cut the top of theTattered sheet, at a angle, then painted it with clear gesso...
Did some stencil work, using Dusty Attic's Bubble Stencil & Dreamweaver Translucent paste... 
Once the stencil work dried, I glued the Tattered Sheet,onto cardstock & painted the Stencil work, with LuminArt -iridescent Gold...
I primed the corrugated paper, with clear gesso, then painted on clear crackle paint. Once that had dried, I glued ribbon under, then glued on the top piece of the tattered... 
I painted the corrugated paper, with the iridescent gold, then using a brush, I applied the snow texture & sprinkled on glass glitter,..
While the texture was still wet, I sprinkled on some Prima Glass Glitter-Pearl
Primed the woodland pieces, with clear gesso, then painted them with white crackle paint, once the crackle dried, I applied the snow texture to the outside edges,& sprinkled on the glass glitter. I glued the photo onto card stock, then glued the dried woodland on. 
I let the glue dry, then filled in with more snow texture & glitter..
Trimmed of the excess cardstock & glued it on to burlap..
All chipboard was primed with clear gesso,except for the icicles, I primed them with white gesso. I painted the pieces of chipboard with clear crackle paint...
Once the crackle dried, I painted most of the pieces with LuminArt H20 iridescent gold, I used LuminArt H20-Heavenly White on the icicles. I then applied snow texture paste, using a brush, & sprinkled on the glass glitter pearl, while the texture was still wet...
I painted the flowers with perfect peals mists, biscotti, let dry, then I applied the outside edges with the snow texture, sprinkling on the glass glitter on the wet texture. I put drops of glue on the flower centers & sprinkled on some glass glitter...
Glued the top on to the background..
Glued on the star banner...
Glued on a piece of scrap chipboard to raise the photo..
Glued on the gem drop border
Glued lace on to the gem drop border
Glued the icicles on to the lace. Wrapped Burlap around the photo & glued the photo down...
Glued on the Title
glued on the branches
& a burlap bow
Glued on rustic & garden blooms
Glued on more branches
Glued on more flowers
Added a few more flowers
Added the stars & crystals to the star banner...
Added more branches, in the large cluster, Also made 2 more clusters...

Added pine cones & pearls  into the clusters..

Sparkle & Shine

The 49 and Market used: http://www.49andmarket.com/
Tattered VA 4550 B
Tattered BS, 6x6
Speciman VA 4536 A
Specimen 6x6
Paper Clippings VA 4529
Paper Clippings
Garden Vine Alabaster
Garden Vine-Alabaster
Garden Bloom Alabaster
Garden Bloom-Alabaster
The Dusty Attic used; http://www.dustyattic.com.au/
Holly Flourish
Holly Flourish
Pine Sprigs
Pine Sprigs
Stars #3
Swirly Christmas Tree
Swirly Christmas Tree
Fancy Trim  #1
Fancy Trim #1
Fancy trim  #2
Fancy Trim #2
Doily #5
Doily #5
Word Pack #11
Word Pack #11
Threaded Beads Stencil
Threaded Bead Stencil
Sparkle Stencil
Sparkle Stencil
Dusty Attic Pearls
Dusty Attic Pearls
Other Elements used: Other elements used: clear gesso, white gesso, clear crackle paint,Dreamweaver translucent paste, LuminArt H20- iridescent gold & Heavenly White, Prima Snow Flake texture paste, Prima glass glitter-pearl, Prima say it in crystals, Prima Pearls,Tim Holtz distressed glitter-clear rock candy, Tim Holtz Distress Glitter Dust-Vintage Platium
Tut for Sparkle & Shine
Primed with clear gesso..
On the 6x6 tattered sheet, I did some stencil work, using DA stencil sparkle & translucent paste, I also did stencil work, on the Specimen sheet, using the DA threaded Bead stencil & the translucent paste
Primed the chipboard, with clear gesso, except for the icicle, I primed it with white gesso
Applied Snow flake paste & glass glitter
Painted with LuminArt H20, Heavenly White (white flower) & iridescent gold (cream flower) 
Painted chipboard with clear crackle
Applied Snowflake paste & glitter
Glued these pieces onto cardstock
then this piece
& this piece

glued on icicle

applied snow texture & glitter

glued doily under
added holly flourish
added part of the title & swirly Christmas Tree
added sparkle & star
added quote

Started a cluster with garden vines & pine sprigs
added more to the first cluster & started 2 more
added stars to the clusters
added pearls to the clusters
added DA pearls to the swirly tree
added fancy trim #2
I did not have the glass glitter, our local store got some in, so I reapplied the snow texture, sprinkling on the glass glitter-pearl, over the wet texture. I do not like the snow texture, by itself, it is the glass glitter, that brings it to life. This is my last post for Dusty Attic & 49 and Market for the year 2016, but will be remaining on both teams for the year 2017.

May this holiday season Sparkle and Shine, may all your Wishes and Dreams come true, and may you feel this Happiness all year round......Rachelle


  1. Both are incredible! Your "snow" is ALWAYS fabulous. Both are shabby chic elegant!

  2. STUNNING!!!!! Love tut details, pics, and creativity. Thanks for sharing!!!!!