Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Magic ***49 and Market****Dusty Attic***

Hello, today I am her to share with you a Christmas LO I did, using 49 and Market's Beautiful Vintage Artistry Collection, Rustic Blooms, & Dusty Attic Chipboard & Stencils, using the cream,reds & golds. I also did a photo Tut....
Jen Caruk, took this Beautiful Photo, of her daughter,

The 49 and Market used:
Tattered VA 4550 B
Botanical Press VA 4499 A
Botanical Press
Rustic Barn Small Blooms RB 84338
Rustic Barn Small Blooms
Rustic Canvas And Burlap Small Blooms RB 84352
Rustic Canvas and Burlap-Small Blooms
Rustic Canvas Burlap Medium Blooms RB 84345
Rustic Canvas and Burlap- Medium Blooms
The Dusty Attic used:
Decorative Frame #1
Decorative Frame #1
Baroque Frame set - Circle
Baroque Frame set-Circle
Ornate Frame #5
Ornate Frame #5
Beaded Tinsel
Beaded Tinsel
mini Holly #3
Mini Holly
Stars #3
Holly Flourish
Holly Flourish
Mini MERRY CHRISTMAS title  10pk
Mini Merry Christmas
Crazy Stitching large
Crazy Stitching Large
mini Marrakesh Trellis
Mini Marrakesh Trellis
Wordpl@y #5
Word Play #5
Sparkle Stencil
Sparkle Stencil
Threaded Beads Stencil
Threaded Beads Stencil
Dusty Attic Pearls
Dusty Attic Pearls
Other Elements used: Prima Clear Gesso, White Gesso, Snow texture paste, glass glitter pearl,say it crystals, Tim Holtz clear crackle, Petaloo Berry Picks, Dreamweaver transparent paste, LuminArt Jasper Red Silk & H20, iridescent gold H20, Prills-Stop Whinning,Nuvo Crystal Pearls-pale gold,corrugated paper,  Bobunny lace, ribbon

Here are some close ups...

I cut the bottom & top, of the Tattered -BS sheet at a angle...
Cut out a circle using the Botanical Press sheet, the size of the smaller Baroque Frame Set
Primed all the paper, with clear gesso
Primed the lace, with clear gesso
Did stencil work, using the DA sparkle Stencil & Dreamweaver Translucent paste  
Did Stencil work, using DA Threaded Bead Stencil & Translucent paste 
Painted ribbon with jasper red-H20
Primed the corrugated paper,with clear gesso, then painted on clear crackle 
Primed with clear gesso, applied clear crackle to some areas (You can see where I used it in the close ups)
Glued ribbon under these 2 pieces..
Glued the frames, onto the photos
I applied snow paste & the glass glitter, after the crackle had dried, on to the holly flourish & corrugated paper. I glued the paper, with the ribbon, onto the corrugated paper 
Pulled out flower centers, painted the gold flowers, with the iridescent gold H20, then using a brush I applied snow paste, & sprinkled on glass glitter over the wet paste..
Glued the Baroque frame, onto the circle, & glued the framed photos together...
Glued on Flower centers, using Prills-Stop Winning
I had glued the larger piece, on to cardstock, then I glued on the crazy stitching (I primed it with the Clear Gesso & painted it with the Jasper red-silk). I the glued down the top & bottom...
Glued on the crazy stitching on to the top & bottom
Glued on the frame & painted all of the stencil work with the iridescent gold H20 
Glued on the framed photos
glued on the title
cut the holly flourish & glued it on
I painted the ribbon, with the jasper red H20. Started the cluster, with the bow, rustic bloom, & crystals
glued on the Mini Marrakesh Trellis
& here, I primed all the DA pearls with the clear gesso, then painted them with the jasper red -silk. also added clusters..
Glued on the beaded tinsel, I used Nuvo Crystal Drops-Pale gold. Added more Rustic Blooms to the Cluster..
Added the Berry Stem..
Applied clear crackle, & placed stars on the wet crackle...Once the crackle dried I cut out the stars & painted on the iridescent gold H20
Added the stars...
added Christmas & wordpl@y...I glued the word play on to scraps of the red ribbon

Glued on some leaves & holly into the clusters, glued some crystals into the stars
Thank you so much for taking the time to look
Believe in the Magic of the Season....Rachelle

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  1. WOW! This is so magical!!! What a fabulous photo for this ultra-gorgeous layout! You make the best snow effect!