Saturday, June 30, 2012

55th Birthday Party (Scrap FX) ***Bo Bunny Sketch***

The photo is of my oldest son Sigurdur,he is the little boy on the lower right corner.I used the beautiful Bo Bunny Ambrosia collection on this LO.The Scrap Fx chippies used are wordlet Birthday Party (2012119) & the party embellishment pack(2012107).Here are some close ups of detail.
Thank you so much for having a look....Rachelle

80th Birthday (Scrap Fx)***Bo Bunny Sketch****

This amazing sketch was designed by Juliana Michaels.I did 2 LO's using this sketch.
I used the stunning Bo Bunny weekend Market Collection on this LO.I just love this collection.Here are some closeups of detail.
The Scrap Fx chippies used on this LO are 80th Birthday (2012150),Cog Key (2010319),&Cogs (2007184).Thank you for taking the time to have a look....Rachelle

Make a Wish ***Scrap Fx***

Photo's are of my oldest son Sigurdur & my youngest son Tandri.I love the way Tandri's mouth looks the same as the Jack in the Box.Scrap Fx Chippies used on this LO are: Jack in the Box (2012101),chicken wire(2011186),cogs(2007184),make a wish (2012117),instant photo frame A(2012113),instant photo frame small(2012115)18th birthday (2012143)&candles(2007321).Here are some closeups of detail.
Thank you so much for having a look....Rachelle

Friday, June 29, 2012

Home is where the Heart is ***CSI # 25***

Another fun case to solve with CSI,& with this case I Scraplifted Heather Jacobs amazing LO,I just loved everything about her LO,plus she also loves to garden.I hope I did it justice.Here is my LO
I used Bo Bunny Etc & Scrap Fx wordlet Home is where the Heart is(2011272) &Front Porch & door(2010130).Here are some closeups of detail.
Thank you so much for having a look....Rachelle

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharing the Cake ***Scrap FX***

Design team work for Scrap Fx,using there amazing chippy's.The photo's are of my friends granddaughter,baby Kaylee & Milo sharing the cake.I used the flourish frame (2011166),1st Birthday (2012131),&cutting the Cake (2012118).I also used the Bo Bunny little Miss collection on this LO.Here are some close ups of detail.

Thank you for taking a peek.....Rachelle

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dream to Dance **CSI #24** (Scrap Fx)

Another fun challenge at CSI, I just love there challenges!!!!!
I took the photo of my BF granddaughter, Anna in my garden.The pink lady slippers (wild orchards) are in full bloom right now. Anna turned 5 last week & is 100 girl. She loves to dance, dress up, all those girl things!!! Here is the challenge.
Here are some close ups of detail.
The Scrap Fx chippy's used on this LO are, gates (2008242),bird house (2011254),wordlet dream(2007221) & chisel Alpha lc small (2006120)

Thank you for looking...Rachelle

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

B is for ***OUAS*** (CSI#23)***Scrap Fx***

This was a fun LO to do,I played with both OUAS, CSI, & of course with this months birthday chippy's from Scrap FX. The photo is of Baby Kaylie on her first birthday.I took Kaylie's 1st photo's the day she was born, & see her about 3 times a week, so I have been able to see all of the changes in her. The changes seem to have happened so fast, or I just don't remember as my baby is 24 years old today. When Kaylie first started to come over with Gramma Tenely, she would lay on her blanket, watch us, sleep with all my dogs sleeping on the blanket with her.Then she started to sit, play with her toys, had found her voice & would give us huge smiles, she is such a happy baby. Once Kaylie learned how to crawl we knew we were in trouble, no more of our chatty visits, we were now on baby watch. Kaylie did not start crawling until she was 9 months old,so that is probably why we see her advancing so fast. It's like she found a whole new world, & she is very strong & determined to get what,or to get to where she wants to go. Kaylie can even open the fridge now, & is into everything. Even my dogs that shared the same blanket are on watch, because she wants to grab at them.Kaylie has become one very busy little Bee,& will just become more busy!!!Gone are the nice chatty visits!!!These are the 2 challenges I did this LO for.

The Scrap Fx Chippy's used on this LO were,Flag Banner (2012280), Cup cake  (2012103), doodad H small (2009341), med balloons, Heartfelt Alpha Upper Case, pier bollards with rope (2011311). Here are some more close ups of detail.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look....Rachelle

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Wedding Dance ***CSI #22**** (Scrap FX)

As soon as I saw the challenge for CSI#22,I knew what photo I had to use. The photo is of  Joleen, a friend of my sons.Joleen was the bride in the performance, The Wedding Dance,for Canada's National Ukrainian Festival,which we host in my home town.This will be it's 46 year,for the 3 day festival,& every year they have the wedding dance.Joleen's year to perform was 2005.Our town decorates all of the hanging baskets with long ribbons, that are down main street.This is the CSI challenge.

Here are some closeups of detail .
I used the Scrap Fx wordlet Wedding,& the Arch A Ivy (2010059) on this,LO.

Thank you for looking........Rachelle

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday (CSI# 21) ****Scrap Fx****

Yes,another fun challenge from CSI,my local store just received Bo Bunny Little Miss & my Scrap Fx was in the mail loaded with birthday themed chippys,& arrived on time to play with CSI!!!!This is this months challenge.
Now you can see how excited I was to get my hands on on all these goodies & play!!!!This month for Scrap Fx we will be featuring all the new released birthday themed chippy's,they are amazing,love,love, love them all!!! I used the flourish frame (2011160), Happy Birthday Banner (2012100) & the cupcakes on the stand (2012103).  Here are some close ups of detail.