Monday, August 22, 2016

Bird House's ****Dusty Attic****

Hello, today I am here to share with you, a altered box I did using Dusty Attic Chipboard & 49 and Market Products.
The Dusty Attic used:
3D Birdhouse set 3pk
3D Birdhouse set 
mini Brick Wall
mini brick wall
mini Cobblestone
Mini Cobblestone
mini Lamp posts
Mini Lamp Posts
Branch #4 small
Branch #4 Small
Vase  4pk
Vase 4PK
FAncy Trim #5
Fancy Trim #5
Grass Cluster #1
Grass Cluster #1
Laurel Sprigs
Laurel Sprigs
Leafy stems #2
Leafy Stems
Swirl Vine #2
Swirl Vine #2
Dusty in Colour Clear Crackle Varnish
Dusty in Colour Clear Crackle Varnish
Corrugated Card
Corrugated Card
From 49 and Market I used:
FF With Love FFS 4444
With Love
FF Spring Cut Out Sheet FFS 4482
Cut Out Sheet
Flower Fairies of Spring Lost Postcard FFS-4451
lost Postcard
Rustic Barn Medium Blooms RB 84321
Rustic Barn Medium Blooms
Rustic Barn Small Blooms RB 84338
Rustic Barn Small Blooms
Rustic Green Blooms RB 84277
Rustic Green Blooms
Rustic Green Mini Daisy Blooms RB 84284
Rustic Green Mini Blooms
Rustic Melon Mini Daisy Blooms RB 84291
Rustic Melon Mini Blooms
Burlap Ribbon Roll - Cream 4" X 1m RB 84376
Burlap Trim
Here are some close ups....
The front view...

I covered the Box & Bird Hoses with the Flower Fairies Collection....
I glued the Corrugated paper on to chipboard, then painted it with clear gesso. I then glued the box onto the Corrugated base. I then glued a DA doily onto the left corner, as a start of the flower cluster.On top of the Doily I glued on the DA Leafy Stems, that I had altered using DA crackle paint, LuminArt Silk paint & Prills. I then glued the Swirl Vine & Lavender onto the base, that I had altered as I did the Leafy Stems. Final step was to build the cluster, using dyed silk ribbon, burlap, rustic blooms & the cut out Flower Fairy....
I used DA Fancy Trim #5, as a border on the front & sides of the box...
Here is a close up of on of the Birdhouses, using the Flower Fairies Cutout Sheet, DA Mini Bricks, small Branch & 49 and Market Mini Blooms...

The other 2 Bird Houses, using DA Vase, Laurel Sprigs, Leafy Stems & Mini Lamp posts...

I made a cobblestone pathway, using DA mini Cobblestone, that I applied the clear crackle on, then I glued Prills in between the cobblestones...
Here are a few more close ups...

I used Flower Fairies Lost Postcard for the inside of the box...

Thank you so much for taking the time to look....Rachelle

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