Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live Today ***49 and Market****

Hello, Rachelle here with my 2nd project for 49 and Market, http://www.49andmarket.com/all-smiles/,  using the Beautiful Vintage Artistry Collection, Gabi's Butterflies are Free Stamp Set  Rustic Flower Collections & Burlap.

All of the products used, including the photo's, are Janene Jaeger Meyerowitz  Baby's & are all so very Beautiful!!! I have listed the products used, then have some close ups....
From 49 and Market I used:
Botanical Press VA 4499
Botanical Press:  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/botanical-press/
Vintage Artistry Ephemera Cut Out Sheet VA 4574
Vintage Artistry Cut Out Sheet:  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/vintage-artistry-ephemera-cut-out-sheet/
Floral Fauna Cut Out VA 4567
Vintage Artistry Flora and Fauna Cut out sheet:  https://www.49andmarket.com/product/vintage-artistry-flora-and-fauna-cut-out-sheet/
Gabi Butterflies are free Stamp Set GP4611

Gabi's Butterflies are Free Stamp Set: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/gabis-butteflies-are-free-stamp-set/
Rustic Barn Medium Blooms RB 84321
Rustic Barn Medium Blooms 6pcs: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/rustic-barn-large-blooms-4pcs/
Rustic Barn Small Blooms RB 84338
Rustic Barn Small Blooms 12pcs: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/rustic-barn-small-blooms-12pcs/
Rustic Melon Mini Daisy Blooms RB 84291
Rustic Melon Mini Daisy Blooms 40 pcs: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/rustic-melon-mini-daisy-blooms-40-pcs/
Burlap Net Ribbon Roll 4" X 1m RB 84390
Burlap Net Ribbon Roll: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/burlap-net-ribbon-roll-4-x-1m/
Burlap Ribbon - Natural 4" X 1m RB 84383
Burlap Ribbon- Natural: https://www.49andmarket.com/product/burlap-ribbon-natural-4-x-1m/

The Scrapbook Diaries retails 49 and Market products: http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/product-tag/49-and-market/

Also from The Scrapbook Diaries I used:
PRILLS Guilt Trip

The Dusty Attic used: http://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/product-tag/dusty-attic/
mini Chains  10pk
mini chains
String Frames small
string frames
mini Chicken Wire
mini chicken wire
Decorative Frame #1
Decorative Frame #1
mini Vine  20pk
Mini Vine
Cherish Yesterday...
Cherish Yesterday

I used Botanical Press as the back ground, I cut it, did some punch work & hand stitching. I used in the flower cluster, a Rustic Barn Medium Bloom, Flowers that I cut out from the Flora and Fauna Cut Out Sheet, Dusty Attic Ferns & Poppies & silk ribbon....

Shows a closer view of the Rustic Flower & the Prills that I used on the Poppy buds...

I Matted the photo, then hand stitched it, I then glued it on to the frayed burlap. Norah (Janene's Daughter) was holding a pumpkin, so I decided to make it look like she was holding a bouquet of flowers, using the Rustic Melon Mini Daisy Blooms & a Butterfly from the Flora and Fauna Cut Out Sheet...

I frayed the Burlap from the Burlap Net Roll, wrapped it around both of  photo's & made burlap bows for the flower clusters. I used the Rustic Barn Small flowers for this cluster....

Shows a couple paper layers, using the Ephemera Cut Out Sheet...
This is another flower cluster using the Rustic Barn Small Blooms..
Under the Dusty Attic Chains is where I used Gabi's Butterflies are Free Stamp..
Here are a few more Close ups....

I really did enjoy working with all of 49 and Market Products, and this is only the starting point, so I am excited to see what other products Janene comes up with..Thank you so much for taking the time to look ....Rachelle


  1. The beauty of your work is above and beyond!!! I just love how natural you make all of your works look. Fabulous as always!!! And Norah - well - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. AMAZING! I've run out of words to describe just how beautiful your layouts are. They're all works of art! This is exquisite - love the large flower cluster with the ferns and the creative ways you used the burlap under and around the photos. Gorgeous photos too.

  3. That's a fantastic layout and so beautiful decoration. Much love to details, and the color scheme is wonderful.
    Best regards Petra

  4. Wowwww is wonderful! I love it!