Friday, January 23, 2015

Live in the Moment ***Dusty Attic***

Hello,here is a canvas I made for my newly painted kitchen,using Dusty Attic Chipboard for texture. The photo is of, one of my late sisters, oil paintings, my favorite piece of JoAnne's Art.
The Dusty Attic used:
Baroque Frame set-Circle (DA0542)
Flourish Frame Set (DA1035)
Skeleton Clock Faces (DA0430)
Argyle Panel Large(DA1010)
Corner Flourish #1 (DA0628)
Word Tags #1 (DA1075)
mini feathers (DA0650)
Marrakesh Trellis small (DA0821)
Live in the Moment (DA1172)
We started painting the inside of our home Dec 20th, & the last project was the kitchen cupboards.I am also showing a couple before & after photo's of the kitchen. It is not quite complete, I am waiting for the rest of the hardware & we have hired someone to paint the ceilings (I don't think I want to take on that challenge).
We kept the walls the same color,but repainted them,they are a browny red. The cupboards are painted a med gray with a brown undertone,& the trim is a slate color. I love the new look,much more cozy the the old kitchen.....

Here is what the old kitchen looked like,I can't even believe that I choose those colors. The cabinets are 29 years old,& every one kept saying that I can't paint them because of the high gloss finish. We painted & got new counters in 2008.Well,this year I decided I was going to paint them,no matter what!!!!
Wow! Check out that Blue!!!
The color of the kitchen from 1986 until 2008. I am so happy finally get rid of that color,it was so outdated!!!!
The colors in Joanne's oil painting are perfect for the new kitchen....Here are some close ups of detail....

On the canvas & chipboard, I used the paint, that I used in the kitchen. I also used lots of clear crackle & pewter crackle....

 Thank you so much for taking the time to look.....Rachelle


  1. Rewelacja, cudo:)
    Kocham Twoje prace:)

  2. Such detail... Very beautiful and what a nice way to remember your sister

  3. Your 'new' kitchen is fantastic. I loooove the display of your artwork - so inspirational!