Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We believe in Miracles

Well,it is good to get back to scrapbooking!!!!!After a month & a half journey, of spending time with my middle son in the City. Erlendur was in a skidoo accident,on Jan 11th,& suffered with a brain injury,& a spine injury.Since that day he has been in ICU & then rehab for brain injury's. It is a miracle he survived the accident,never mind that he he is now walking & talking. We are now back home,& Erlendur will get his therapy as a out patient.It is so good to be home again & get back into a normal routine. This is my first project I have done since the accident,it is a card I made for the team @ Riverview Rehab,for brain injury.
This is the front of the card,I used 2 8X10 canvas's,& put them together,inspired by Tina Dalton (Dusty Attic DT)
From the Vintage Spring Basics I used:1st of March,7th of April
From the Vintage Autumn Basics I used:No.XXI,No.XVI,No.XXIII & BS of the labels
The Dusty Attic Chipboard used:
Decorative Frame #1
Decorative Frame #1 DA0207
mini ABC set lower
mini ABC lower DA0862
mini Script ABC set
mini script ABC DA0859
mini Words #2
mini words #2 DA0476
mini Chicken Wire
mini chicken wire DA0788
Skeleton Clock Faces
skeleton clock faces DA0430
mini Trellis
mini trellis DA1033
Back of the card.......

Inside of the card,Erlendur & I need to write our notes of thanks,will get to that soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to look....Rachelle


  1. Oh Rachelle my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your son! Thank God for his miraculous recovery brain injuries are very tricky things (I used to be a nurse) and to hear that he is up and walking and talking is amazing! Such courage! My husband also skidoos and I always worry! Please extend my best wishes to your son and take care of yourself! I am sure that you played a huge roll in his recovery! All the very best! Pam

  2. I didn't know that, so very sorry to hear..And I am happy that this miracle as you said took place in your lives!! Best wishes in the rest of the getting better time (bad english, I dont know who you say that..but you get the point). Happy you find some time for scrapping again , being home with your beautiful son. Spring comes and you will be in your beautiful garden, head up!

  3. Oh my, that's beautiful. Certainly wishing him healing.

  4. drooling Rachelle, such a beautiful captivating creation. AND I am so relieved to hear your darling son is slowly recovering and gaining his health again xoxoxo

  5. Hugs and prayers for all you are going through. So glad your son is making such good progress and I pray that these good results will continue. What an amazing gift to those who helped care for your son!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  6. This must've been such a harrowing and stressful time for all of you; so good to hear your son has recuperated so well! The card you've created is beautiful...prayers that he continues to heal and gain strength! hugs, Lynne

  7. Best wishes to your son for steady progress throughout his recovery.
    Your card is amazing. Love the idea and you have once again created a stunning piece.

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    Best wishes