Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ****Maja Design-- Dusty Attic***

Hello,today I am here to share with you a altered Christmas Project. I live in a small rural town of about 9000. In this little town,we have some great places to shop. One of my fav's is Balloon Tycoons, Bev carry's everything in her store.She has scrapbooking supplies,toys, balloons,you name it she has got it, & yes she even carry's Dusty Attic & is now looking into Maja Design. Well,with all my altered work I have been doing,Bev asked me if I would do this sleigh for her, as it has been in the store for a few years. I took it home & started to work on it & decided I wanted a small teddy bear in the sleigh, so I went back to Bev's & she had these 2 collectibles that have been in her store since 1997. I was so happy, & this project even became more fun!!! On the way home from Bev's,I stopped in the 2nd hand store & bought 2 crochet doily's for 25 cents. What more could a girl ask for, to get her Vintage looking sleigh!!!!

I combined the Vintage Autumn Basics & the Vintage Frost Basics Collections

From the Vintage Autumn Basics Collection I used: No:XIII, NO.XIX-BS,No.XVI-BS,No.XXII,No.XXIII,No.XXIII-BS, No.XX,No.XX-BS

From the Vintage Frost Basics Collection I used:16th of Dec-BS, 13th of Dec-BS & the BS of a label.

The Dusty Attic Chipboard Used:
poinsettia DA0648 
mini heart buttons DA0682
Decorative Scroll #2 DA0206
mini hinges DA1006
Christmas Tree #2 DA0648
ornate corner # 6 DA0465
stars#2 DA0937
pot & Columns DA0546

& nameplates #4 DA0585

I also used the Vintage Autumn Basics & Vintage Frost Basics Collection from Maja Design

I started off by altering the sleigh. I used the front of the sleigh as a seat,then made my own front out of a piece of chipboard that I curved.
I then covered the sleigh with Maja paper. I used metallic silver distress paint on the under part of the decorative scroll. My next step was to put a thick coat of crackle on to the sleigh,& while that was still wet I placed the under part of the scroll. On the top part of the scroll I used a brown marker,then TA black gold. I applied crackle onto the under scroll,then placed the top part on & applied a coat of crackle to the top.Once the crackle had dried I used a brush & applied some TA black gold to bring out the cracks....
The curved front of the sleigh,using ornate corners & hinges plus Tim Holtz jump rings,mini fasteners (brads),screw eyes,chains & tassels.....

This is where I used 1 of the columns,to make a step at the back of the sleigh,for the tree,presents & bunny....
I did my layered tree,using distressed picket fence crackle,texture effects,tulle,beads,burlap & mini roses
On the outside edges of the sleigh I used texture effects & rock candy glitter....
I used a brown marker on the nameplate,then TA black gold. I also cut out pieces of paper I was working with on the nameplate.....
Yes!!!!I do not have to wrap any more tiny presents until next year & I don't even want to count, how many Christmas trees I did this season!!!!
I wet the poinsettia,lifted the edges,then painted it with metallic silver distress paint. I then used a paint brush & applied some texture effects to the outside edges. For the center I used seed beads.....
The ribbon on the bear & bunny,is old basic grey,they are so cute,there heads turn,& arms & legs move....

Have a Very Merry Christmas & all the Best for the Year 2014.....Rachelle


  1. Such a beauty Rachelle !!
    It's just wonderful !
    Love every little detail!
    A great peace of art as the project before!!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Another beautiful piece of art!! The bear and bunny are so cute and the sleigh is just awesome....I know why she asked you to alter it because you make everthing look so beautiful ;-) have a wonderful Christmas too xxx

  3. WOW Absolutely beautiful. A gorgeous vintage Christmas piece. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2014

  4. Spread the Joy of the Happy New Year
    for all of you and your love ones. Nice website and Quality Content here.
    Good work please keep it up. thanks

  5. Just beautiful Rachelle. Love the little bears and tiny presents. I can't believe the detail in your work. It's amazing.

  6. Such playfulness and character on this work! I love how you magically made everything come alive - those bears are so adorable!!!!