Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What are your garden colors?***Maja Design****

Hello,here is a LO I did combining 3 of Maja's Collections.The photos are of the tree fort garden area that I had planted last spring to go with the Maja Vintage Spring, Summer & the Sofiero Collections. I planted this area with hydrangeas,pink & white inpatients,purple fan flower,blue lobellia & some foliage that was a variegated green & white. It turned out beautiful, I am so happy I did this!!! I used 3 photos to try & show you the different views of this garden,but you really need to be in this garden to be able to see & feel what it is all about. Behind the tree fort is the flowing river,with a beaver dam,so you also have the sound of water.
These are the 3 Collections I used on the LO.
From the Vintage Spring Basics Collection I used: 8th of March-BS,2nd of May-BS, 7th of March-BS,10th of March& some of the BS's of the labels.
From the Vintage Summer Basics Collection I used: 1943

From the Sofiero Collection I used: Exuberance of flowers in Bloom-BS....The Dusty Attic Chipboard used:
Vine Corner #2 (DA0869)
Flutterbies #3 (DA0766)  Here are some closeups of detail.....
I dipped the Vine corner into water,then separated the chipboard (just the leaves). Then I used a heat gun & it curled up the leaves. Once that all dried, I applied decadence TA to the stem & picket fence crackle to the leaves. When the crackle dried, I rubbed in a brown chalk & inked the edges of the leaves.
I cut out the title from the labels of the Collections...
I used my favorite punch & did many distressed.stitched layers...
I also dipped the butterflies in water,then carefully separated the chipboard layers.I used decadence TA,on the body & the under part of the butterfly,then I also used liquid accents on the body. On the wings I used oyster LuminArt'

Here is my next LO I did, using the Stunning Vintage Autumn Basics.I was so excited when I got this Collection, not only because it is soooo Beautiful,but it also has many colors in it,as the rest of my garden does.One of my favorite plants that I plant through out my gardens is Angelica Gigis.It is the plant that I framed, in the decorative scroll.

From the Vintage Autumn Basics I used:No.II. No.II-BS,No.VII, No.V, No.V- BS,No.III-BS,No.IV, No.XXII-BS, The Heritage Sheet & some BS's of the labels.

Door # 3 DA0690
Door Handle Plates DA0681
Wrought Iron Fence Boarder DA0176
Mini Script Alpha DA0143
Decorative Keyholes 8 Pack DA0224
Decorative Scroll #1 DA0213
Here are some close ups of detail....

I scanned both the door & the under part of the decorative scroll. I printed then on plan paper,then using a non-permanent adhesive, I attached it to the Maja paper's, I wanted to use on those pieces.I cut them out,inked the edges,then glued them on to the chipboard.
I used clear versa mark,then rubbed in a few shades of chalk on to the outer part of the scroll...

On the grape vine I used,bottle distress ink,then applied rock candy crackle & when that dried I rubbed in a few shades of green chalk.

I used pesto ink pad on this part of the door, I also used it on the keyholes & door handle, then inked the edges..

A rolled & pleated corner....

 My Autumn garden is planted different, then the Tree fort Area. I would say that the Tree Fort Area is more feminine,then the rest of my gardens. I only used white, in the tree fort area. Through out the rest of my gardens I use deeper colors & huge foliage plants. What are your favorite garden colors? Thank you so much for taking the time to look....Rachelle


  1. What a gorgeous look in your garden, super how you incorparated the pictures!

  2. I think you need to do me a video tour of your garden...want to hear that river gurgling and want to see the Beavers dam....Love your garden and your pages, makes me want to do an Alice in Wonderland act and jump through the PC screen into your garden...