Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A healing time "Scraps of Darkness"February Kit (Victoriana)

I used the beautiful Scraps of Darkness kit for this LO loaded with Prima Printery.I love this kit,because you can do so much with it.The Sketch is Michelle Grants from Dusty Attic,it is amazing.The photo is of my mother.Mom fell down the basement stairs 3 weeks before xmas,20 min after my dad got out of the hospital after having lung cancer surgery.Mom fractured her knee on one leg & broke all her toes on the other,so she could not put any weight on either leg & was in a wheelchair.Mom moved in with us,as dad could not do all the transffering.They live next door so dad slept @ home and came here for visits & meals.The skirt you see my Mother wearing in the LO is one I wore about 25 years ago,it is so rotton,there is no elastic left,& every time we did a transfer,we would say be careful we cannot rip the skirt.The skirt is soooo soft & comfortable,plus the it was much easier to transfer mom to the bathroom with a skirt then trying to pull down pants.Last week I finality got some private homecare & moved mom back to her own home & took the skirt with her & still wears it everyday (it is washed every 2nd night).Mom is now just started to use a walker with her physo thearpy,& on her way to recovery, which is a good thing,I was started to feel a little scattered.TFL


  1. beautiful layout! wish your Mom the best and continued recovery.

  2. Love your layouts! When I saw your scrap room featured in Canadian Scrapbookers I thought this is what heaven looks life! I like this layout and it encourages me to try one of my own. I cared for my mom in her home which is 300 miles from mine for 3 years. Towards the end I also felt scattered. She passed and I would like to document this journey with her. Thanks for posting this it encourages me to give it a try.